Tots In Roc with Joanna Whitbeck | Episode 11

July 06, 2020 Joanna Whitbeck Episode 11
Tots In Roc with Joanna Whitbeck | Episode 11
Show Notes

Looking for some family friendly places to take your kids around the Rochester area?  Joanna Whitbeck is the founder of Tots In Roc, an online platform dedicated to highlighting all of the amazing places in Greater Rochester to spend time with your kids.  She does an excellent job providing you with the essential information and photos for each destination, making it really easy to know what to expect and make your decision.

I chose to interview Joanna for the show because I think she has done a phenomenal job inspiring families to get out of their homes and explore sites they wouldn't normally go to.  My family has discovered many new favorites during this pandemic thanks to Joanna's guidance!

Listen to hear how Tots In Roc got started, and hear her Top 3 favorite places in Rochester, both indoors and outdoors!  Please share with other families in our area to spread the word, and if you like the show, don't forget to subscribe/rate/follow!  Thank you!




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