Building Excellence in Physical Education with Ron Whitcomb | Episode 17

August 17, 2020 Ron Whitcomb Episode 17
Building Excellence in Physical Education with Ron Whitcomb | Episode 17
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Ron Whitcomb is the former Athletic Director of Victor Central Schools in New York.  During his 27 year tenure, Victor accumulated 232 league titles, 185 Section V titles, and 16 state championships.  Ron's instrumental leadership helped Victor to gain the reputation of being one of the greatest schools in New York for Physical Education and Athletics.  Ron let's us in on some secrets to that success, including what quality physical education should look like, and the type of teachers they look for when hiring.  This is a must listen to episode for all the PE teachers out there!

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Episode Timeline:
6:30 - Growing Up
13:00 - The Role of PE
17:00 - PE, Health, and Driver's Ed?
25:00 - Outdoor Education at Victor
27:50 - Hiring Great PE Teachers
34:45 - Kids as Customers
38:00 - Leading by Example for Lifelong Learning
41:15 - Collaborating with Other Professionals
46:00 - Communicating with Parents
53:32 - Advice for the Upcoming School Year

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Growing Up
The Role of PE
PE, Health, and Driver's Ed?
Outdoor Education at Victor
Hiring PE Teachers
Kids as Customers
Leading by Example as Lifelong Learners
Collaborating with Other Professionals
Parent Communication
Advice for the 20-21 School Year