Dad Games with Josh Budinger | Episode 22

September 28, 2020 Josh Budinger Episode 22
Dad Games with Josh Budinger | Episode 22
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Josh Budinger is the creator of Dad Games, an Instagram page dedicated to sharing fun and creative games you can play at home with your kids.  I love his page because it reminds me of all the random games we would make up as kids, which seems like a lost art today with all the structured play and leagues that kids are enrolled in.  It's refreshing to talk to someone as passionate as Josh is about playing and spending time with his kids, and the positive impact that has on their lives.  Josh shares how and why Dad games got started, and his TOP 5 FAVORITE GAMES you should try at home!  Enjoy!

Dad Games Instagram:

Episode Timeline:
1:00 - The Dad Games Story
14:00 - Prioritizing Time with Your Kids
23:00 - Top 5 Dad Games

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The Dad Games Story
Prioritizing Time With Your Kids
Top 5 Dad Games