How to Start a Forest School with Dr. Jean Lomino | Episode 24

October 12, 2020 Dr. Jean Lomino Episode 24
How to Start a Forest School with Dr. Jean Lomino | Episode 24
Show Notes

Ever wonder if you could start your own Forest School?  This is the perfect time to dive into it and offer students an alternative form of education!  Listen as Jean shares how she started her first Forest School, and is now training future Forest School teachers from around the world.  I hope you finish this episode feeling just as inspired as I did!

Dr. Jean Lomino’s varied career includes being a classroom teacher, adjunct professor for the MSED in Outdoor Education at Southern Adventist University, Executive Director of Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center in Chattanooga, TN, and in 2015 she co-founded Wauhatchie School, the first forest kindergarten in the state. The school this year expanded to four campuses in Chattanooga with a combined enrollment of 140 students for the coming year. Wauhatchie in partnership with Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center, is working with several Hamilton County public kindergartens to develop forest school programs at their school sites and to conduct forest kindergarten at Reflection Riding’s new family forest exploration site.

Dr. Lomino is the founder, director and lead trainer of the Forest School Teacher Institute, and since 2015 has trained over 150 forest kindergarten teachers from the US, Canada, China, Korea and South Africa. For two months she worked as a trainer/consultant with the teachers at No Boundaries Forest Kindergarten in Guangzhou, China.  In 2018 she collaborated on research with Dr. Jiyoun Shin, Vice-Chair of the Korean Forest Kindergarten Association.  Jean has presented at numerous conferences and workshops in the US and was a featured speaker at the International Symposium of Forest Kindergartens in Seoul, South Korea, June, 2019.  She is currently writing a book about how children’s friendships with nature lead to earth stewardship.

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